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Fridge Magnet

Love, Emma - Care packages for life's hardest moments

Fridge Magnet


These treasured keepsakes are hand-made by Kylie Johnson in her Brisbane boutique ceramic studio, Paper Boat Press. The heart-shaped fridge magnets are made from a creamy earthenware clay with a gloss glaze and a strong magnet to secure them to any steel surface. The fridge magnets come in two varieties, each with one of Emma’s favourite Lewis Carroll quotes on the front and the ‘Love, Emma’ logo on the reverse.

Quote 1 - 'How do you spell love? You don't spell it, you feel it..' - Emma's favourite from Lewis Carroll's beloved Winnie the Pooh character.

Quote 2 - 'When you can't look on the bright side. I will sit with you in the dark'. A Lewis Carroll quote that resinated with Emma for obvious reasons. 

The ornaments measure approximately 7.5cm high x 7cm wide.

If you wish a fridge magnet to be added to another care package in your order, please state this in the notes at the check-out.

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